FBC SS Personal Study Guide (PSG) & Lessons Winter 2016-17 “Joshua, Judges & Ruth” #265

PSG: winterdailydevotional2016_web  

Scripture Memory: https://thehlukejourney.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/winter-2016-2017-scripture-memory-267/

#13- 2/26/2017,“Redeemed and Secure”, Ruth 3-4, God can surprise us with those whom He chooses to bring about His purposes.  2-26-2017-redeemed-and-secure-ruth-3-4

#12- 2/19/2017      “Faith Through Trials”  Ruth 1; God can use life’s tragedies to bring about His purposes. 2-19-2017-faith-through-trials-ruth-1

#11- #11- 2/12/2017      “Compromised Potential”  Judges 13-16; Samson empowered by the Spirit, but dominated by his flesh; his way not God’s  way.  God gave Samson 4 chapters to be an example of what a believer  in Christ should not do. 2-12-2017-compromised-potential-judges-16                                                                                          

#10- 2/5/2017 “Reluctant Warrior” Judges 6-8 God molds His people into mature believers through acts of service to Him.  2-5-2017-judges-6-8-reluctant-warrior          

#9- 1/29/2017  “Willing Servants” Judges 4:4-10; 11-16  God restores His people to freedom using faithful and willing servants. 1-29-2017-joshua-4-willing-servants

#8- 1/22/2017 “Rebellion’s Cycle” Judges 1:1 -3:6 God brings righteous judgment on His rebellious people, with the goal of their repentance. 1-22-2017-rebellions-cycle-judges-2

#7- 1/15/2017  “Value All” Proverbs 24:10-12; Mark 10:46-49 Jesus values marriage & all people from conception to death! 1-15-2017-value-all

#6- 1/8/2017 “Daily Challenge” Joshua 24:14-28  Faithfulness grows through reflection, evaluation, seeking forgiveness and renewed surrender to God’s will  [I John 1:9; Romans 12:1-2]. 1-8-2017-joshua-24

#5- 1/1/2017 “Rest” The rewards of faithfulness come with the expectation of continued obedience. Joshua 13-22 1-1-2017-joshua-13-22

#4- 12/25/2016 Christmas Eve Service; No Sunday School; Regular Worship Service Am only

#3- 12/18/2016 “Commitment Kept” Always in control, God uses all situations to bring about His purposes.  Joshua 10:1-14′, 10:15-14:15

#2- 12/11/2016 “Conquest God” God gives His people victory when they trust Him and obey His commands. Joshua 6:12-25; 6:2-9:27

#1- 12/4/2016 “Nothing is Impossible with God” Joshua 1-5; click here for lesson: 12-4-2016-joshua-1-5

Scripture Memory: https://thehlukejourney.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/winter-2016-2017-scripture-memory-267/

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