Peacemakeing # 251

The Peacemaker by Ken Sande

Ken Sande has written a tremendous book on living in peace. Sande a lawyer “is passionate about bringing the life-changing power of God’s peacemaking principles to people around the world.”

As a result the book is full of scripture,  some with the scripture but many references in the book without the scripture. I like the use of scripture, but would like it to be immediately available for my benefit and to the people I am going through the book with.

Therefore I have added the scripture referenced in the book. Sometimes I may have added scripture that is in the book, but stopped after chapter 1 and maybe chapter 2. The scripture is shown in the outline from the book and page numbers so the reader can readily move back and forth between the book and scripture.

I hope you will be blessed by this book and the scripture will be helpful to you.  The book is recommended by one of my pastors Dr. Heath Lambert Associate Pastor / Executive Pastor of Discipleship and Community Life at First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida.

The book is one of eight Dr Lambert recommends for Paul’s and Naomi’s as they meet problems in One2Won discipleship training. The book would be excellent as a follow up to the first One2Won book.  I have already used three of the books in this link: books-and-scripture-recommend-by-dr-lambert-for-6-problemsdoc

A link to each chapter in The Peacemaker is below. Chapters will be added as I study through the book with 2 other Pauls.

Henry Luke October 13, 2016




Last updated 10/22/2016

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