An Israel you may not know # 221

In the early 1900’s interest begin in repopulating Israel with Jews. They where driven from Jerusalem in 70 AD and then persecuted all over the world. Events during WW II resulted in the creation of modern Israel in May 1948. Since then Israel has probably become the most secure since Solomon’s reign. We hear so much about the very real problems Israel faces and don’t hear the good part.

The brochure below will describe an Israel that you may not be familiar with. Highly educated entrepreneurial people with skills and competencies in: Research and development, cyber security, water technology, health & life sciences technology, financial technology, etc. Israel ranks No. 1 in the world for R&D investment as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

As you read the brochure I believe you will be reminded of the many promises God made to the Jewish people to return them to a vibrant land of Israel. God is not finished yet, but they have a innovative economy today that attracts people and investment from most of the world.


You may be interested my blog post published in July 2014: “Are current events an indication the end times are near”

Henry Luke June 7, 2016

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