Ann Hayes One2Won Discipleship Testimony # 178

For years in First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida we the men and women would go out both day and night visiting church prospects and absentee members using a small booklet “God’s Greatest Gift” today “Life’s Greatest Question.” The reason I mention this is because we really didn’t get the discipleship done beyond their salvation experience and church membership.

Now that said my name is Anne Hayes and just so you’ll know, I will be 84 on my birthday. Now you are wondering if I’m in the right seminar. You betcha! Because I’m still teachable. One2Won is a wonderful tool; not only for the young folks, but our older groups too. The younger group is searching and the older group is still a work in progress.

We, as disciples, are not getting the job done. Satan has convinced us, all too often, we don’t know enough. We might mislead or we don’t know enough scripture and, also, it is just not in our comfort zone.

Now, this is the rest of the story! I never saw Henry Luke that he didn’t mention One2Won and my participation in this endeavor. He gave me a work book for men and informed me they were preparing a book for women. I used the men’s book in my first endeavor as a Naomi to a Ruth, a younger woman I had known for many years in our church.

This spiritual workbook was a growing experience for both of us. One2Won provided scripture, questions, in a work book form, leading us spiritually. We have both gone on dividing to conquer, in becoming two new Naomi’s to two more Ruth’s.

It is just like God; because we were blessed simply because we can never outgive Him. You see the question and answer format provided in this workbook revealed a deeper relationship between the two of us and more importantly with our Abba Father.

Leaders: This is a tool for you to really disciple prospects, group members and family. One2Won is a blessing; claim it. The greatest joy in my life is serving my Lord in His church.

This testimony was given by Anne Hayes in a seminar February 2015 at the FBC Jacksonville, Florida Pastor’s Conference.

Ann Hayes served as a Sunday School Director of many age groups during 45 years at FBC. Upon retiring as an active Director in August 2014 she received the Director Emeritus Title, currently working with Linda Hodges the Staff person and Directors in the Senior Adult Division.

Henry Luke October 2, 2015

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