Genealogy: Adam to Joseph # 177

Note the flood occurred after the death of Methuselah the last of the descendents of Adam except Noah. Left click on the picture to enlarge and a 2nd time to enlarge more.

2015-9-24 Genealogy Adam to Joseph

Source: My son received this chart at a bible study at the University of Tennessee in the late 1980’s source unknown.

Genesis 4 and 5 and this chart tell us that the line of Adam, Seth, Enosh “Then men began to call upon the name of the LORD”, Enoch “walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.” and Noah “was a righteous man, blameless in his time; Noah walked with God.”. However, they were not effective in transferring faith in God to the next generation at the end before the flood, except for Noah and his family. Read John Dickerson’s book “The Great Evangelical Recession” to see that today Christians in the U.S. may be in danger of this same result–not being effective in transferring faith in God to the next generation. Dickerson says the church is not reproducing disciples. Joe White’s One2Won Discipleship process has been effective in disciple multiplication.

1) The dates in the chart are from the beginning of creation. Many sources indicate this date as about 4,000 BC.                                                                                                                       2) The very careful and detailed use of mathematics and language in these chapters firmly links the chronology into one continuous famity record. The age of each patriarch is given when the next patriarch (probably a son, but possibly an ever-so-great grandson) is born. Thus the time between the creation of Adam and the life of Joseph is established. The possibility of gaps in the genealogy would have no effect on this time interval.
3) Noah’s son Shem, who was born before the flood, almost outlived Abraham.
4) Each of the first nine patriarchs had “other sons and daughters.“ (See Genesis 5.) In other words, each had at least three sons and two daughters. Statistically this implies that they all had large families—probably averaging nine or more children. If these were typical family sizes for that day, then the world population before the flood was very large—possibly in the billions. How many people died in Noah’s flood?
5) The life spans of Adam, Methuselah, Shem, and Abraham successively overlapped.
6) The best estimates of the year the flood are between 3398 BC and 2348 BC
7) “By faith Enoch was taken up, so that he should not see death, and he was not found because God took him up.” Hebrews 11:5
8) According to some sources, the name Methuselah means
“When he Is dead, it shall be sent.” The flood occurred after the death of these descendants of the line of Seth and immediately after the death of Methuselah.
9) CURVE OF DECLINING LONGEVITY ANTE-DILUVIAN AND POST-DILUVIAN PATRIANCHS –In this graph the sudden downward trend in the lifespan of the patriarchs begins very near the time of the flood. The downward declining curve strongly suggests that man’s environment or lifestyle underwent a drastic change which contributes to our relatively short life spans today.
1) All ages are based on the Hebrew (Masoretic) test. The Greek text (the Septuagint) and the Samaritan texts differ slightly.

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Henry Luke September 24, 2015, latest revision 9/24/2017

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5 Responses to Genealogy: Adam to Joseph # 177

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  4. james says:

    Any chance you will fix this and repost it?
    11:10 These [are] the generations of Shem: Shem [was] an hundred years old, and begat Arphaxad TWO YEARS after the flood:

    The flood was 1656, so adding TWO YEARS = 1658 NOT 1659 for Arphaxad.
    You will also find that Jacob left home @ 40 (The scripture tells us Esau’s age; well, Jacob was a twin) and served Laban 20 years and Joseph was already born when he crossed Jabbok (32:22) and wrestled, so Israel begins with Jacob being 60. Benjamin was the only son born in the land Israel, with Rachel dying in Bethlehem, giving birth. Isaac lived to see them all in Mamre or Hebron.

    There is no direct text to determine Jacob’s age when Joseph was born.

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