Mandy Andrews: One2Won Discipleship Testimony #175

The first time I had ever heard about the One2Won discipleship program was when my husband began the study with his mentor. As a woman wanting to grow and develop in my own faith, I longed to find my own mentor. God heard me and not too much time later I was given the opportunity to experience this faith-growing program for myself.

My mentor, Marilyn, and I have just recently finished our books, and I saw God move mountains in my life through Marilyn and this program. Each week, we would come together and dig deeper into the study and into Gods word. I don’t know of a better way to broaden your own understanding than to hear what someone else hears, and to see what they see.

God didn’t use One2Won just to expand my biblical knowledge during those 6 months; He took that time to grow me both personally and spiritually as well.

Not long after we embarked on our journey through One2Won, I started experiencing some personal trials that brought me, rather quickly, from high on the mountaintop to pretty low down in the valley. It was the first time God had tested my faith, and I realized just how weak it truly was. It is easy to proclaim His promises when you aren’t being tried, but when the waters get choppy and the storms get rough, often times our eyes focus on ourselves instead of our Savior, and we begin to sink.

During my storm, using the weekly questions, memory verses, and the scripture readings, along with my conversations with Marilyn, God was able to calm my fears, right my ship and steer my focus back to Him. Now my faith in Him and His faithfulness is stronger than it ever has been before.

The One2Won program has allowed God the opportunity to add one of the most influential relationships in my life, the Naomi to me, Ruth. As a young woman, not very new in my faith, but not an expert theologian by any means, having a more mature Christian woman pour into my life was essential.

Without this weekly bible study, I would have probably been consumed with fear, swallowed by anxiety, and drowning in doubt. But, because of this discipleship relationship, I have the ability to stand here, strong in my faith, a new woman daily transformed by Christ, and tell you that One2Won is truly the best program I have ever taken part in. Through it, God has humbled me, grown me, amazed me, transformed me, and shown me exactly what complete faith, trust and surrender really entail. Now, I have started the process all over again, except this time I am on the other side of the book. I am about 6 or 7 lessons in with my new Ruth, and already I have watched the transformation that is taking place in her life as she learns more of Gods truths, I am excited to see what the next several months have in store for her and her own testimony.

Mandy gave this testimony to about 700 women on Wednesday night September 16, 2015 at First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida

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Henry Luke 9/20/2015

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