One2Won Discipleship Training Testimony # 174

Glenn Holmes. Growing up I was the third of four children. My mother was 16 when she conceived my brother, and as you could imagine, she had considered an abortion. Thank God she didn’t. By time I was two years old she was divorced and raising three children on her own. However, let me warn you, I am a living testimony of God’s providence, and the furthest thing from a statistic. I watched my mother as she would not only finish college, but Medical School, too. God clearly had his watchful eye on my family.

We didn’t grow up attending church. We were CME’s: Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter Churchgoers. In fact we weren’t Christians at all. Church just seemed like what you were supposed to do, during the holidays. As a young man, I never had a relationship with my father, despite carrying his name. This would lead me to struggle with the meaning of manhood for 20 years of my life. The hip-hop culture taught me it was found in women, money, and things. Growing up in urban Baltimore didn’t help define it either. My mother would remarry and thankfully my step-father raised me as his own. However, his version of manhood was work, and wasn’t at all based on Jesus. I was still lost.

I continued my search for manhood at Morehouse College, the only African- American all male institution that was the alma-mater of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Surely, they could show me the meaning of manhood? While attending school in Atlanta, a peculiar thing happened. My mother, rededicated her life to Christ in Jacksonville and my siblings all received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Thankfully she was a praying mother, who would later lead me to Jesus, too.

I was 20 years old when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Up until that point I was walking in the flesh. Now that I was saved, surely all of the bad habits would go away, right? Not quite. I struggled with alcohol, women, and carnality for many years. I grew in my faith and finally learned to define manhood by asking, how much did I love Jesus? At age 27 I would marry my beautiful bride Nicole and continued to grow in my wak with Jesus through his Word.

5 years ago, after the birth of my first son Grant, we felt God calling us to First Baptist Church. We knew the importance of getting both of our sons in a bible believing church. Being a God fearing father to Grant and Noah was my number one goal. So while hearing Junior Hill preach at the South Campus we took the leap of faith and joined. Soon thereafter, we would start attending the main campus, and initially felt overwelled by the size. We joined Adrian and Marci Soud’s Sunday School class where the case for Jesus was on trial every Sunday. His lessons in apologetics were life changing. So, it was natural I would eventually find my way to Judge A.C. Soud’s class. There I formed a friendship with Jorge Nunez who told me about the One to Won class. I eventually connected with Dr. Richard Stewart who would mentor me in the program.

Working with Richard has truly been a blessing. Our sessions are some of the most open and honest meetings I have ever had. As I would discuss things I was struggling with, like being a workaholic, or fatherhood he would share his experiences as a husband, and father. Having a Godly man who went through many of the things I am dealing with has been invaluable. The most important aspect of One to Won is the ability to have another man hold you accountable. I believe as men we can sometimes get prideful and not see the importance of fellowship.

Also, I began to see that God’s purpose for my relationships at work had very little to do with earning money. I have the ability to impact hundreds of lives for Jesus. Did I always take the opportunity? No. One to Won convicted me to share the only thing capable of changing a man’s heart – A relationship with Christ. Also, I’ve learned to leave work at work! I would pride myself in working 60 hours a week. I learned it was robbing me of my true purpose, serving God. Especially, when my kids just want to spend more time with dad. I realize the greatest thing my family needs from me is for me to have a deeper walk with the Lord. My sessions with One to Won have helped me to do just that.

Glenn Holmes made this presentation to about 700 men Wednesday night September 9, 2015 at First Baptist Church. Glenn was discipled by Richard Stewart. Click here for Richards testimony

Henry Luke September 19, 2015

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