A Life Transformed Through Discipleship # 173

Larry May is my name. I’m no one special, just a 70 year old sinner saved by God’s grace. I believe in God, I know I’m saved and I feel God’s will for my life, however long I remain on this earth is to mentor other men. My desire is to see younger men get a fighting start against the temptations Satan offers everyday!

Like managing by walking around, I had Christian men disciple me and I did not have a clue what was taking place. I did not realize it until later, but they always seemed to be around me every Sunday morning, before and after the church service. Men, such as Jim Tatum, Jim Ingoldsby, Tracy Pigg, A.C. Soud and others.

My wife and I joined Jim Tatum’s SS class the very first Sunday it was started in 1999. In fact, we are still in that same class today under new leadership. I had made the most important decision of my life on September 30, 2000, and professed my faith in Him the following day here at our church, at the age of 55.

After becoming a deacon in 2001 and getting to know Henry Luke, he approached me about One2Won discipleship training. I was not very disciplined at reading my Bible each day; much less get involved with a Biblical study. I found ways (excuses) to keep putting off getting discipled. I was just not living out God’s command to go and disciple others in His name.

At that same time Joe White had scheduled a men’s gathering at our church. My sister was a volunteer with the group that was bringing Joe to Jacksonville. She was to work with the personnel at FBC to ensure success. She asked me if I was coming and I told her I didn’t think that was for me. I saw grown men bought to tears and crying out to Jesus. Then, when I witnessed Joe White with an ax in hand cut away at wood and produced a cross, just like the one I helped hang my Jesus on, I knew it was not a mistake that I was present. A defining moment in my life!

I saw Henry that Sunday and I told him I was ready to start the One2Won discipleship process. We started the following week; Darryl Hesler, Henry Luke and me. After five weeks, Henry told us he was moving on to other men and Darryl and I were to finish up the book. We did and both went on to disciple other men.

On August 10, 2013, another year- long life transformation began. I was in a group and was asked a question concerning a best friend scenario. I told the group that I had married my best friend. I was raised by a single parent. My father divorced my mother when I was four months old and returned to New York. There has never been a father image in my life. Everything I learned about becoming a man, I learned on the streets of Key West, where I was born and raised.

Rev. John Blount asked me if I would pray about letting him try to become that close man friend in my life. He mentioned a study he would like for the two of us to enter.

The title of the three book series is, “Every Man A Warrior.” During that next year God transformed my life as we examined every aspect of manhood a man encounters throughout his life. I learned to follow the first and greatest commandment; to love the Lord my God with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind. I learned how to fall deeper in love with my Jesus.

I learned the importance of a true “Quiet Time.” To read His word; meditate on what I had read, pray over what I had read, then listen. I learned that my Heavenly Father communicates with me through His word. God is #1 in my life, but I needed to learn to pray using the acronym, WAR. The “W” for Worship, letting God know how much I love him. A is for admitting my sin and asking forgiveness. And, the R is for request. I have learned not to request anything until I tell Him I love Him and admit that I’m a sinner.

As I finished up the Every Man a Warrior series, I prayed that God would use me to disciple other men. Men that are just out of high school, men starting college, engaged to be married, newlyweds, expecting fathers, new dads, young men without a father. Today, I meet with ten (10) men at different times throughout the week. I do One 2 Won with one man, Every Man A Warrior with six others and four of us meet weekly to discuss the current week’s SS lesson from our Personal Study Guides.

Gentlemen, I must tell you I am blessed far beyond what I deserve. As a younger man that gained a lot from street knowledge, not all good, now looking back I know my survival had nothing to do with luck. God carried me through the peaks and valleys of my youth. He has always had a plan for my life and He is long suffering. He has a plan for your life too. He wants to use you to disciple others. And, for those that feel they need a disciple in their lives, let it start tonight. Proverbs 27:17 reads; “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”. Every man needs to be held accountable to another man.

My brothers may we all heed to the calling…go and make disciples.

This testimony was given by Larry May Wednesday Night September 16, 2015 in a meeting with about 700 men at First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida

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