Discipleship Transformation Groups #166

Options for Group Study with Disciple making Covenant below:
Disciple-Making Covenant

1. Study the 10 chapters-one chapter per session, in “Growing Up–How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples” by Robby Gallaty. Goal is to transform disciples into disciple-makers.

2. Study books of the bible using Gallaty’s format or Warren Wiesbe’s “Be series for every Bible book”, etc.

3. One2Won Discipleship Training for men and women (Ideal situation is 2 person groups but can be used effectively for 4-8 persons)
FBC Discipleship for Men and Women

4. Read the 260 most essential passages in Scripture & memorize 52 helpful verses this year F260 Bible Reading Plan 2 Pages

4a. 144 scriptures for HEAR

5. H_E_A_R_ Bible Reading Plan 100 scripture

6. Discipleship and Quiet Time Helps:



Prayer Log

Robby Gallaty has written “Growing Up-How to Be a Disciple who makes Disciples”. This is an excellent book that not only explains the requirement for all believers to Make Disciples, but actually has a plan for doing it. The book has 10 chapters and Robby suggests that a 4 person group including a leader spend 10 weeks going through the book one chapter at a time.

You may want to read the book individually and begin a bible study with a 4 person group immediately. Below are some links that will help you get started if you choose this route. This is not a replacement for One2Won Discipleship Training, but another process that some people may find desirable. I hope whatever process you use in discipleship training that you will buy and study his book. There is a link below.

Purchase The Book: “Growing Up–How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples” by Robby Gallaty  click here

Discipleship Testimonies:
Richard Stewart click here
Henry Luke click here
For more Discipleship Testimony’s click on “Testimony” in Tags below
Henry Luke August 16, 2015 Revised 9/1/2017

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