Signs You are a Discipleship Bully # 162

I am still a rookie at discipleship training after 6 years this August, therefore these 8 Signs of a Discipleship Bully by Derek Brown were helpful to me. I am going to review this list often.
Henry Luke July 23, 2015

They include:
1. You are easily annoyed by the person you are discipling.

2. You are unable or unwilling to learn from the person you are discipling.

3. You are unwilling to admit when you have been wrong.

4. You do most of the talking and little listening.

5. You become personally offended when a disciple does not follow your counsel.

6. You will often push your preferences just as much if not more than biblical principles.

7. You refuse to make any helpful provisions to accommodate your disciple.

8. You fear that the disciple might become more godly and spiritually competent than you are.

Read more here:
8 Signs You Are a Discipleship Bully
July 9, 2015 by Derek Brown The Gospel Coalition

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