How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

Most of us work or live with a variety of people. Often we are not in charge of the group or team we are interacting with. Many times we say if I was in charge of this group we could accomplish more or be more efficient. The book referenced describes life assumptions that allow us be more efficient even when we are not in charge. I have modified them based on over 50 years of experience living this way.

Check the short list of 10 assumptions and see if you are prepared to “lead when you are not in charge”. Click What Assumptions Guide My Life d  Did you rate yourself on how you have adobted assumptions to help lead when you are not in charge?

My wife, Barbara, and I are thankful that our parents taught us to live this way. Empowered by Jesus and by His grace, Barbara and I tried to pass this way of life to our children and they are repeating the process with their children.

We all have a set of assumptions that guide our life even if they are subconscious. Your assumptions should be in harmony with your worldview and Life Vision/Purpose. (A)

I believe that every persons worldview is either Jesus-centered or Self-centered. If your worldview is Jesus-centered then vertically you  live empowered by His Spirit (B) and horizontally even when you are not in charge you can be empowered by His guidance, strength, knowledge of His Word, “the fruit of the Spirit — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control”, wisdom, conviction of sin and ability to glorify Jesus in all You do. When you allow Him to, Jesus will give you the power to lead even when you are not in charge.

Henry Luke July 1, 2015

Notes: A– in the tags below go to “Life Vision” for my posts on this subject.
B– Ephesians 5:18b (CSB) “Be filled by the Spirit” daily to receive power so you can live Jesus-centered–click here

Order book here: How to Lead when not in Charge

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