What Disciplemakers can learn about people working as a team from 2015 NBA Champions GS Warriors, Nick U’Ren, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala & Steve Kerr # 152

In my last post I told of Stephen Curry being the NBA Most Valuable Player for the regular season. Here is the back story of team work that we can learn from. Nick U’Ren was just 21 when he went to Italy for an opportunity for exposure to NBA teams. He met Steve Kerr then General Manager of the Phoenix Suns and Steve gave Nick a very low level job.

Fast forward to June 2015 and Steve Kerr was the Coach of the Oakland Warriors playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals for the NBA championship. The Warriors were behind in the series 2-1. Lebron James superstar of the Cavaliers was controlling the tempo of the games. However, the Warrior’s 28 year old video coordinator suggested to the coaches that they remove their center Andrew Bogut and replace him with Andre Iguodala who had not started a game all season.

All season Kerr said the key to the Warrior’s season was Iguodala’s willingness to become a bench player. It was not easy for a man who had started every game in his 10-year NBA career. However, with Iguodala as a starter the Warrior’s won the last three games and the NBA championship for the first Oakland championship in 40 years. Iguodala received the MVP award for the series.

From previous post (A) Stephen Curry said “We also have about 10 guys on our team who attend our pregame chapels and pray together before games. The Holy Spirit is moving through our locker room in a way I’ve never experienced before. It’s allowing us to reach a lot of people, and personally I am just trying to use this stage to share how God has been a blessing to my life and how He can be the same in everyone else’s.”

The most important parts of the story are that: 1. Coach Kerr gave that video coordinator Nick U’Ren the credit for suggesting the change.
2. Iguodala had been willing to be a bench player and then step up when called.
3. Kerr came to his new job believing the most important role he had was to build trust among the team, coaches and management.
4. Presence of faith and prayer.

An NBA Champanship resulted.

The lesson for us as disciplemakers is that teamwork and trust produces results. We are part of a community of believers who are part of the family of God. All the glory for every thing accomplished goes to God. What glorious and marvelous things God has in store for us when we work as a team with Him as our Lord. Much better than winning an NBA championship!

Henry Luke June 18, 2015
A- https://thehlukejourney.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/nba-mvp-stephen-curry-i-can-do-all-things-through-christ-151/ NBA MVP Stephen Curry: ‘I Can Do All Things Through Christ’ # 151

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  1. myfourladies says:

    Great article, makes a very important point on trust.

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