Stop Setting Goals if you would rather solve problems

Bob Biehl wrote a book with this title ” Stop Setting Goals if you would rather solve problems”. He was a management consultant who based his practice for more than twenty years on Setting Goals. Then he realized that more than half of people hate Setting Goals. This was a revelation to him and he changed his practice.

Biehl’s quoted Dr Ted W. Engstrom President Emeritus of World Vision International
“the key to building a strong team is– getting round pegs in round holes”.
Imagine the success we can have if we get “Goal Setters” and “Problem Solvers” working on tasks that utilize their respective strengths. He describes how to determine which role is best for you and your team members.

I will close with a question from the book:

Two or three years ago I was on a consulting day with Steve Douglass, the executive vice president for Campus Crusade, based in Orlando, Florida. We were just working along on some project when Steve asked me the following question:

“What 3 things can we do in the next 90 days to make a 50 percent difference?”

Ask this question a lot. Ask it of yourself. Ask it of your friends. Ask it of your team.

As you talk with people, you will find that the most common time frame for planning is the season. Many people ask, “What are we going to do between now and Christmas, Christmas and Easter, Easter and spring break, spring break and fall, and Thanksgiving and Christmas, football season, etc?” Most people find it the easiest time frame to incorporate into their [conscious or sub-conscious] natural planning process.”

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Henry Luke June 13, 2015, last revised 6/2/2018

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