How Could a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering? # 86

The problem of evil, persecution, pain and suffering seems to surround us daily with our friends and the media. I addressed this with Trials, Tribution and Trouble Scripture #6, Why do Christians Suffer #22 and Why does God allow tragedy and suffering #59. Below is a link to another article on the subject that will encourage each of us and prepare us to encourage and comfort others as we go making disciples. Henry Luke 12/8/2014

How Could a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering?
By Randy Alcorn

Evil and Suffering as an argument against God: The logic goes like this: A. There may be no God at all. B. There may be a God who is all good. C. There may be a God who is all powerful. But there cannot be a God who is all good and all powerful, because such a God could not allow such evil and suffering as we see in this world.

Responses to the Question, “How Can A Good God Allow Evil and Suffering?”
1. The Bible itself raises this question. It never backs away from it. The problem of suffering and evil is in Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Job, and many of the Psalms.

2. The Bible attributes the origin of human evil to people exercising their free will; when they choose to disobey God’s standards, it brings suffering.

3. To argue that God should not permit evil or suffering is to argue against human beings having free choice.

4. The things we consider the greatest virtues would not be known in a world without evil and suffering.

5. Short-term evil and suffering sometimes accomplishes long-term good.

6. Our moral objection to evil and suffering is itself an argument for a good God.

7. If you argue that evil is evidence there is no God you must also admit that good is evidence there is a God.

8. Our understanding is limited. If there is an all-knowing God, it shouldn’t surprise us that He might have purposes in suffering which we cannot comprehend.

9. God has stated and demonstrated great compassion on people who suffer.

10. Jesus Christ’s incarnation and redemption demonstrate that God has never dished out any suffering He hasn’t taken on himself.

11. God promises He will make a brand new world, and new heavens and new earth, where there will be no more suffering.

12. Those who embrace the Christian faith most deeply and passionately are not those who live in comfort and ease, but those who live in suffering.

13. Those who are most critical of God for allowing suffering usually do very little to help alleviate it.

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