Comfortable Christianity is Opposite the Life of Faith #49

Dr. Wiersbe makes a profound statement:

“The life of faith must never stand still; for if your feet are going, your faith is growing. Note the verbs used to describe Abraham’s life: he departed (Genesis 12:4 KJV), went forth (12:5), passed through (12:6), removed (12:8) and journeyed (12:9). God kept Abraham moving so that he would meet new challenges and be forced to trust God for new “grace to help in time of need” (Heb. 4:16).

Comfortable Christianity is opposite the life of faith, for “pilgrims and strangers” must face new circumstances if they are to gain new insights about themselves and their Lord. ‘Let us press on to maturity’ is the challenge (6:1, nasb).”

People I am acquainted with at in my professional, social, or church life are the biggest discouragers to me to a walk of faith because they always want to be entertained without pitching in to the fray. They like the sidelines! They claim to be Christians but like folks at a college football game, they’re just in the stands yelling for the team to win. They’re fans only waiting for the game to get over.

Comfortable Christians are the hallmark of the Laodicean Age. It’s so easy to get there, but I must remember Jesus said he would vomit them out of His mouth. They are repulsive to Him. Used by permission from my friend. Henry Luke July 12,2014

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