BIBLE TIMELINES from Creation to New Heaven & Earth

The dates in these different documents may vary slightly because of different sources. The #7 “NEBUCHADNEZZAR (605 BC) to The New Heaven and Earth” timeline is important because it includes great detail about events in the future. The total period from creation to the new heaven is in #1-#7, but with more detailed timelines of specific time periods. Whereas #8 & #9 cover large parts of the timeline beginning with creation. #8 has on one page from creation to John’s writing of Revelations.

1. Genealogy Adam to Joseph:

2. Timeline Joseph through Joshua    map-of-israel-12-tribes-by-joshua

3. Joshua to King Saul Timelines  and chronology-of-judges-1350-1014bc

4. Israel and Judah Kings and prophets 1050 BC to 586 BC:
israel judah kings timeline

5. Timeline of David’s life and a map of Davids flight from King Saul [there is a 10-year difference in time from 1000BC on with Biblehub timeline:

Saul pursues David

6. Map of Solomons Kingdom and maybe close to the mapping of Israel millennium kingdom:  Empire of David and Solomon; the timeline in the upper left corner in the next map is very badly offclick  here. In the last map, David’s Kingdom was essentially the same as Solomon’s.

6a. map-of-Israel-with-places-Jesus-visited                                                                                  6b.  outline-of-the-story-of-Jesus-using-maps  This link also includes the J. B. Phillips Translation of the New Testament

7. BIBLE TIMELINES: NEBUCHADNEZZAR (605 BC) to The New Heaven and Earth–Revelation 21-22:

The timelines below by Charlie Campbell will help clarify for you the order of events closely related to the end times, events like the Rapture, the Second Coming of Christ, as well as the various coming judgments, and resurrections mentioned in the Bible. These timelines were designed to be used in conjunction with your Bible. You will notice that there are a wealth of verse references included on the timelines for you to look up and study. May God bring many blessings to your heart as you study His Word.


8. A TIMELINE OF BIBLICAL HISTORY ~Major Events From Creation to the Completion of the New Testament~ By Charlie Campbell,%208.5%20x%2011.pdf

9. The History of the world from a Biblical Perspective:

10. Order of Events in Bible Prophecy:                                                                                           End time events Revelations- Matthew 24-25

Henry Luke Revised November 5, 2015, 4/22/2017

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  2. John McCorvey, Jr. says:

    Looking forward to reviewing those. In sharing the gospel recently, I was faced with the following response: “Well, the bible is not the truth because it denies the earth is 6 million years old and the big bang theory.” I think we overlook the importance of explaining the truth of Creationism and I am thankful for ICR. This foregoing incident renewed my enthusiasm and support for ICR.

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